summer reading program: library trip two


Today I walked to the public library to select a new stack of books, having worked my way through the previous stack.* This stack represents my desire to lose myself in fiction, even as I read non-fiction texts for other projects. ** A mix of genres, story lines, classics, and contemporary authors, these novels should capture my attention for the next three weeks.

I also signed up for the library’s summer adult reading program, which challenges participants to read a minimum of five books in a minimum of four genres by the end of the summer. I can earn extra entries into the contest (prize baskets!) by writing summaries of the books I read! Today, my prize for signing up was a small bar of dark chocolate.

* From the first stack, I read and loved Shine, Shine, Shine and For the Time Being. I read select stories from Vampires in the Lemon Grove, and attempted to read NW. The stories in Vampires haunted me, and after reading “Proving Up,” decided I couldn’t handle the darkness of the stories, although I appreciated the deep cultural insights and critiques. I gave NW nearly 100 pages to grab my attention, but couldn’t connect to the characters or storytelling, which was disappointing but not entirely surprising. While I loved Smith’s On Beauty, I could not engage with White Teeth

**I will soon feature my stack of course revision and enhanced pedagogy reading material, as well as my World War II research for a family writing project.