In 2010, I made the bold decision to shift my professional development away from the theory based literary criticism I’d been trained to do. Instead, I would follow my passion–poetry and creative prose–and my pedagogy–exploring the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning(SoTL). While this change might seem trivial, it was substantial and brave–I had just completed my 4th of 6 years on the tenure-track. I nervously awaited input from my tenure review committees…and rejoiced when they supported my decision.

Here I am, three years later, newly tenured (yay!), with poetry and SoTL projects underway. I plan to revive this blog this summer, writing about teaching, writing, the successes and failures of my aforementioned projects, and musing to an audience that may only include myself, my husband, and my mom.

Being your own protagonista (or, for the fellows, protagonist) begins with courage and takes shape with language.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love and miss you sooooo dear friend! Your words are poetic and comforting like cafe au lait with friends. I needed to take a moment to check in on your life and realize, once again, how precious you are to me. Much Love, Heather

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