Dr. J

“I dwell in possibility.” Emily Dickinson

Childhood summers spent reading, writing imitative fiction, and drawing endless dresses continue to shape and define me. Ignoring that brief detour when I thought I would be a pharmacist (many thanks to freshmen chemistry and calculus for dissuading me!), the creative world of words has always been my home. The endless possibility of words strung together on a page–figuratively and fragmented into poetry, orderly and shapely into narrative–thrills and beckons.

And so here I am, a poet and professor and player-around-with words. A creative dabbler in the kitchen, behind a canon powershot, and on the yoga mat.

I teach English composition, American Literature, Multicultural Literature, Poetry, and Love Stories to freshman and sophomore students at a two-year liberal arts public college in Wisconsin.

And, because my passion for social justice and equality runs deep, I also teach Women’s Studies courses on Women in Popular Culture and Women’s Lives.

I love interacting with students through words–class discussion, provocative readings, essays, blogs, and even haiku. I strive to continually be a better teacher and figure out how to help each student best learn, grow, and thrive.

One of the best ways is to model, to do, to be that learner I encourage them to be. This blog is an attempt to make my own learning and professional development transparent, for my students, my colleagues, and mostly, to myself.


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